Beneficial Massage

When your health is concerned, experience matters. Your access to pain and stress relief should never be at the mercy of a “beginning” level practitioner. At A Beneficial Massage, your therapy will be done by a state-licensed, the nationally certified professional who has the knowledge and skills to help you feel better.

Choice of Therapists
Personal chemistry is sometimes as important as competence. That’s why you can always choose your therapist at A Beneficial Massage. Schedule with a therapist as often as you like or try a different therapist each time you visit. Your therapist will have access to your health history and treatment notes so you won’t be starting over. And, you never have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings.

Focused Therapy
You’re in charge of your own health and well being. That’s why you always have a voice about the focus of your therapy. Before each session, talk to the therapist about what you’ve been feeling and what areas you want to receive special attention. During your session, give feedback about what you’re feeling. At A Beneficial Massage, we listen carefully, share our insights, and tailor your treatment so that each area of focus gets just the right amount of attention.

Wholistic Approach
Your body is a highly sophisticated organism that requires respect and understanding. It deserves more than New Age gimmicks or “quick-fix” promises. That’s why A Beneficial Massage helps you take a holistic approach to feeling better. We don’t just work on the areas crying out for pain relief—we help you identify the origin of your problems and address the related muscles/tissues as well.

Integrated Care
Whether you’re 22 or 82, your health depends on day-to-day choices you make about diet, hydration, exercise, and treatment. That’s why we help you integrate therapy with a set of healthy lifestyle choices. With your permission, we coordinate your care with healthcare professionals outside our office so that your treatments complement each other. After a session, you get a free bottle of water for A Beneficial Massage. You’re also armed with “Healthy Homework”— a list of things you can do to get the maximum benefit from your therapy and avoid injury aggravation.

Personal Comfort
Your comfort is important. You should never be hot or cold, so you’ll always be treated in a room that’s kept at a comfortable temperature and stocked year-round with fans and blankets. You should never be assaulted by heavy fragrances when you arrive at our office, and you should never leave with oily residue on your clothing. That’s why we use only the highest quality, hypo-allergenic products that are odor-neutral and easily absorbed into your skin. And, your therapist will check frequently to ensure that table setting, bolsters, pillows, sheets, and towels are all used as necessary to make it easier for you to relax. For the people who have some cash to burn, buying a massage chair is going to be the way to go.

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Peace & Quiet
You need time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So enter our private treatment rooms and leave the stress and noise outside. Select relaxing music or just enjoy the peace and quiet. Your therapist will periodically check in with you to be sure you’re feeling good, but won’t rattle on and on. Experience an expanded state of awareness or drift off for a short nap. Either way, you’ll enjoy your respite at A Beneficial Massage and leave refreshed and renewed.

Courtesy & Compassion
When you’re in pain or distraught, the last thing you need is to deal with is someone who’s rude or inattentive. Poor customer service is irritating enough when you feel great—it’s maddening when you feel lousy. That’s why we hire and retain people who are as caring as they are competent. At A Beneficial Massage, courtesy and compassion matter.

Ethical Behavior
You have a right to expect ethical behavior, and it’s a professional responsibility we take very seriously. What you share with us stays with us. We never sell contact data or violate your privacy by inappropriate disclosures. Nor do we take your money when we don’t think we can help you. We refer you to people who have helped us or offer tips on how to locate a competent provider on your own. When you seek advice, we’re quick to share information that others have found helpful, but cautious about making suggestions outside our experience. And, we respect your body and drape it with discretion at all times. Ethics isn’t a textbook exercise to us—it’s what we practice on a daily basis.

Affordable Results
Every dollar you spend on therapy is a precious resource you can’t spend on something else. That’s why we work hard at A Beneficial Massage to keep our prices affordable and our services responsive. Like most healthcare professionals, we can’t guarantee specific outcomes. But, if you’re like most of our clients, you’ll feel tangible results after your first visit. And, you’ll think of each therapy session as one of the best investments you’ve ever made in your quality of life. When you feel better, everything gets better.